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What Is Cosplay? A Beginner’s Guide

By now, you’ve heard the term “cosplay.”

Maybe it confused you.

Maybe you thought it to be some odd, quirky, or even unsettling tribe of misfits.

All the same, with the popularity of cosplay conventions, you’ve at least asked, “why are all those people dressed up in downtown tonight?”

It’s a fair question. Because in some ways, cosplay gets miscategorized with other events, such as the annual massive furry event.

But cosplay and furry folks aren’t related. I mean, at least not directly. Cosplay remains its own niche serving a diehard following that certainly understands its nuances. And because of this, cosplay dating is on the rise with more and more curious singles considering the enigma.

So let’s explore the big question, what is cosplay?

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is short for two words: play and costume. It is believed that cosplay’s roots lie in Japan, but the 1990’s US culture served as a breeding ground for cosplay’s early days.

In cosplay, you become a fictional persona. Essentially, your inspiration for your character is likely derived from a comic book, a video game, or some sector of anime. When you cosplay, you live and breath the character, at least during the duration of your cosplay event.

Lot’s of cosplay goes down at major conventions all over the world. Cosplay conventions are used as central meeting points for interested parties, including cosplay singles. Hence, why our cosplay dating tips guide is one of our most popular pieces.

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Why Do People Love Cosplay?

There are numerous reasons why people love cosplay dating. For one, it’s an escape from daily stressors and real-life hassles.

Another reason is that cosplay allows people to express ideas and concepts that they love.

Also, cosplay allows people to become characters they adore and love and idolize.

But a big reason is the cosplay dating and socializing community. People are drawn to the excitement of the gatherings. For some people, being themselves is stressful, particularly at social events. Not everyone loves happy hour with coworkers or dinners. They want an escape from who they are. So they cosplay with other likeminded folks. Cosplay conventions, contrary to what some might feel, are extremely welcoming environments.

Lot’s of people who had trouble making friends in high school turn to cosplay and find themselves to be more social than they ever imagined.

Others feel it’s exhilarating to play a hero or a villain.

Some come from lonely childhoods.

And some just love the challenge of creating a costume. In fact, costume creating is a big, big deal. Many people learn to knit so that they can truly raise the bar on their character creation. The challenge of building props is central to the cosplay experience.

How To Cosplay

The concept isn’t difficult to grasp and that’s likely why the sector continues to boom.

To start, you choose a character you’d like to represent, explore, and become.

Next, you need to create, or buy, the props and costumes associated with your cosplay journey. In the cosplay world, creating custom props and costumes puts you at the top of the hierarchy, however, if you are new to cosplay, buying your costume is no big deal.

Many cosplay people try to acquire a skill that represents their character. They may choose to perform the skill in public. Cosplay gatherings often give way to such performances.

Cosplay Dating: A Second Life?

Cosplay dating is on the rise. And that’s because of all I stated above, plus the natural human desire to connect on a romantic level with other people (including other people like Harley Quinn).

The cosplay dating scene is huge and it continues to grow. It’s one of the sexiest styles there is.

Make no mistake about it, cosplay singles have emerged as a sexy bunch.

The fact is, cosplay is growing and nothing is likely to slow down the trend. And that’s a great thing for all of us.