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This Stunning Shinobu Cosplay Will Blow Your Mind

In 2019, Demon Slayer exploded on the anime scene causing lots of cosplayers to want to nail the main character, Shinobu Kocho. But it’s a tall order. Kocho’s main mission in life is to hunt down the brutal demons who killed his family.

But cosplaying Shinobu Kocho is no easy task givin the anime precision and detail.

But one girl seems to have nailed it. And now she’s Internet famous.


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Shinobu possesses the famous Breath of the Insect power as her contribution to the Pillars. To achieve the perfect cosplay isn’t just in the design of the look, but the eyes and mentality.

Simply stunning. Look at all those likes!

MK-AYS, a Russian cosplayer famous for her powerful make up application, is inspiring cosplayers around the world who strive for perfection. Her anime-like, sensual, yet warrior-focus is far more than just make-up application, though. And what can we say about her precise attire?