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My Hero Academia fem overhaul

Instagram Cosplayer Slash.Cos Feminizes My Hero Academy’s Overhaul

One of the most popular new characters in My Hero Academy’s 4th season is undoubtedly, the macho Overhaul. As head of Yakuza, Overhaul is searching for a magic bullet that would destroy any and all. Overhaul is a bruting, muscle-bound, freak of nature. Overhaul is a bad guy, but following UA academy powers fueled by Midoriya, he’s no longer any real threat.

Overhaul’s ability to strip Quirks from other heroes was the subject of a lot of controversy, but he is now permanently crippled and as such yields no threat to others.

None of this stopped Instagram Cosplayer Slash.Cos from feminizing this brutal bad guy. It’s definitely a hot cosplay.