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How To Score Unforgettable Cosplay Sex

The world of cosplay sex is as fantastic as it sounds. Let’s be honest, sex and fantasy often merge in both expected and unexpected ways. Look no further than BDSM as an illustrative example. So in a way, cosplay adapts a sexual nature rather quickly. Cosplay is fantasy and sex often relies on fantasy for stimulation.

So let’s dive into why cosplay sex is so fantastic.

What Is Cosplay Sex?

More and more we are hearing the term cosplay sex. The meaning is as simple as it sounds. When two cosplayers hold character while having sex, it’s cosplay sex. It’s hot. And it’s eccentric. Sometimes, it’s enchanting. But it’s always a fast ride to fantastic orgasms.

Most of the time, cosplay sex is a result of two cosplayers meeting at a cosplay convention and, well, hitting it off. They end up back in a hotel room, still donning their lavish character costumes, and things start to happen. Why break character when the characters compelled you both to go back to the room together?

Alas, that’s how cosplay sex goes down. It’s more natural than it appears. Much more natural than role-playing or BDSM, both of which tend to begin when the sexual meetup commences. With cosplay sex, it’s possible you’ve been interacting in character for hours, or even days, prior to your sexual engagement.

You don’t need to establish who or what, it’s drilled down by then. Cosplayers end up finding themselves attracted to the characters they are courting. It’s more natural. And it’s super exciting and fun.

How To Have Hot Cosplay Sex

Ah, the million-dollar question.

You are either one of two people. You’re an experienced cosplayer, or you’re a cosplay newbie. My cosplay sex guide works for either. So you’re in good hands.

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Attend a Cosplay Convention

One of the most popular ways to find cosplay sex is to attend a cosplay convention. If you are new to cosplay and think you can scrap together some worn Halloween costume and land the cosplay hottie of your dreams, think again. I really encourage you to read our cosplay beginner’s guide before embarking on a cosplay sex mission.

Don’t roll in as a fraud. You’ll get snuffed out and it will all be a waste. If you aren’t truly into cosplay, just walk away. There are plenty of hookup dating sites out there that are more appropriate for you to use. Even using our cosplay sex dating app won’t work if you’re trying to pull one over. These girls will see right through you.

You need to be authentic.

Be your character. Practice your character at a base-level (non-sexual) for weeks. Refine the character. You need to be the character. Once that’s done, you can start working in your character’s more primitive qualities.

How would your character flirt? This is important. Because you’ll need to flirt as your character. If you break character and throw down a slimy line, you’ll ruin your chances. You must stay in cosplay character when you flirt and flirt as that character would flirt. Some cosplay characters are sexual by nature, so you have something to pull from. Others are more complicated. You might pick a character that’s got a little more sexual bravado to pull from if it’s your first time pursuing cosplay sex.

Establish your sexual cosplay costume game.

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Say what?

Ok. Imagine you’re attending a cosplay convention. You and a hottie are hitting it off. Both of you are flirting in character like pros. You end up back in the room. Um, how do you get your costume off? Would Batman really bumble around trying to pull his dick out? Methinks no. As weird as it seems, practice how you’d remove your clothes.

Use a Cosplay Sex Dating App

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This is another option. Cosplay sex dating apps like ours help streamline the cosplay sex mission.

Often, it can still mean attending a cosplay convention. Let’s face it, that’s what hot cosplay girls enjoy. But in this way, you attend the cosplay convention with the girl and avoid the potentially awkward pickup situation.

Cosplay sex apps also lend a degree of sexual innuendo. In other words, cosplay girls on the app understand the hookup nature of things. It doesn’t mean its a shoo-in that you’ll have cosplay sex, but at least the odds are heightened.

Don’t treat any girls you message like hookers. Yes, his is a hookup site, but these girls are interested in fun guys who want to hang at cosplay events. Yep, there’s a sexy vibe, but don’t overplay your hand.


Cosplay sex is some of the most erotic, intense sex you’ll ever have. But don’t force the cosplay on yourself. If you don’t have a real interest in cosplay, you’re wasting your time. You can attend a convention or use a cosplay sex app like ours to find such romance.