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popular cosplay characters

Most Popular Cosplay Characters (Complete List)

Certainly, nobody wants to be unoriginal. That’s not what this post is about. Instead, reviewing popular cosplay characters can help someone new to cosplay get their creative juices flowing. Moreover, savvy, creative cosplayers often trick out popular cosplay characters. In other words, this isn’t halloween. Once again, another difference between cosplay and costume becomes not so subtle.

It’s common to go as a popular cosplay character, but do it more uniquely, with higher quality.

It isn’t uncommon to go to a cosplay convention and see 100s of the same popular cosplay characters roaming the show floor. The devil, as the saying goes, is in the details.

So use popular cosplay characters as a way to inspire a new character, or aim to achieve stunning details that are sure to impress your cosplay date.

So let’s dive in…

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golden rule cosplay

What Is The ‘Golden Rule’ in Cosplay?

If you don’t exercise boundaries in cosplay, you’ll quickly be shunned by the presiding cosplay community at large.

The golden rule in cosplay is to respect boundaries. Never touch another cosplayer without consent.

It seems like common sense, but unfortunately for many cosplayers, bad experiences have tainted an otherwise good time.

Because cosplayers like to play provocative characters, they may be dressed in sexy, skimpy looks. Sometimes, this prompts other people to think it is OK to touch them.

Also, being that cosplay role-plays characters, if a character being cosplayed is considered sexually suggestive, some people think this opens the door further.

But it doesn’t. Always keep your hands to yourself while at cosplay events (or really, anywhere for that matter).

Unfortunately, drinking too much alcohol can prompt some to break cosplay’s golden rule. If you can’t hold your booze well, don’t drink in such environments. You never want to break the golden rule in cosplay.

cosplay vs costume

What Is The Difference Between Cosplay and Costume?

It’s one of the top cosplay questions. As soon as someone gets into cosplay, or has a friend get into it, they ask, what is the difference between cosplay and costume?

It’s not a dumb question by any stretch. Being that cosplay makes use of costumes and dress-up, it can be initially difficult to distinguish between costume and cosplay.

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Dating a Cosplay Girl: What I Learned

It was 2013, I had just been dumped by my now ex-girlfriend. Before the final tinge of frustration and heartbreak left my downtrodden heart, her Facebook profile picture updated to her and a brash, richer guy.

It was the final knife to the soul.

I know this sounds like that of a bad Lifetime movie; and one that no one wants to watch. However, rest assured, this actually becomes a cosplay fairytale of sorts.

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Cosplay History To Now: Understanding Its Evolution

Depending on which camp you may be in, cosplay is either a part time hobby or a way of life. In today’s world, cosplay is more popular than ever. Even the most unsuspecting of people have at least heard of it.

In mainstream world, cosplay is people putting on costumes. But in cosplay world, cosplay serves as an outlet, expression, and art.

Mainstream and cosplay are merging to some degree, mostly due to celebrities participating in the fun as well as major cosplay events going down all over the world. But we aren’t quite there yet.

For now, most people think of cosplay as a year-round halloween with a super hero flare to it. And for most, cosplay is a relatively new gig.

Neither are true, of course.

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cosplay feature

4 Surefire Ways To Cosplay Without Earning a Bad Rap

Cosplay is one of the most unique outlets for self-expression. The cosplay fandom continues to grow as more and more people learn about how fun and exciting it can be. But with new faces in the space comes a fresh slew of complications and frustrations. The legacy cosplayers have a way of doing things that aren’t always so obvious to the cosplay newbie. And though that may feel a little draconian, these rules tend to help preserve cosplay’s validity for the long-term.

In other words, it’s a good idea to learn as much about cosplay as you possibly can before giving it a go.

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2019 Cosplay Event List

So it’s happening. You’ve made the move. You’re determined to meet your cosplay soul mate. You’ve read our cosplay dating tips, you’ve acquired a few simple sewing skills, you’ve chosen who you’ll cosplay.

Now, the question is, where shall you go?

One of the best ways to begin a cosplay romance is to attend any of a number of cosplay events happening in 2019.

So I’ve compiled a sweet list for your perusal. Look for cosplay events near you. I’ve arranged them in the order of happening.

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t-pain cosplay

T-Pain Goes Full Cosplay. But Who Is His Mystery Character?

The world of cosplay is growing, almost absurdly so. And you know what that means….


Yep, when something emerges, celebrities are right there to get their share of attention. But in the case of T-Pain and cosplay, the two seem to fit like a snug glove.

The rapper T-Pain is a big fan of online video games. One of his favorite video game series is Bandai Namco Entertainment‘s Tekken. But what’s unique about T-Pain’s cosplay adventure is who he chose to role-play.

In this case, T-Pain cosplayed Leroy Smith, a character from Tekken 7 that hasn’t even been seen yet. And the pictures of his cosplay are stunning and awesome.

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what is cosplay

What Is Cosplay? A Beginner’s Guide

By now, you’ve heard the term “cosplay.”

Maybe it confused you.

Maybe you thought it to be some odd, quirky, or even unsettling tribe of misfits.

All the same, with the popularity of cosplay conventions, you’ve at least asked, “why are all those people dressed up in downtown tonight?”

It’s a fair question. Because in some ways, cosplay gets miscategorized with other events, such as the annual massive furry event.

But cosplay and furry folks aren’t related. I mean, at least not directly. Cosplay remains its own niche serving a diehard following that certainly understands its nuances. And because of this, cosplay dating is on the rise with more and more curious singles considering the enigma.

So let’s explore the big question, what is cosplay?

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