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My Hero Academia fem overhaul

Instagram Cosplayer Slash.Cos Feminizes My Hero Academy’s Overhaul

One of the most popular new characters in My Hero Academy’s 4th season is undoubtedly, the macho Overhaul. As head of Yakuza, Overhaul is searching for a magic bullet that would destroy any and all. Overhaul is a bruting, muscle-bound, freak of nature. Overhaul is a bad guy, but following UA academy powers fueled by Midoriya, he’s no longer any real threat.

Overhaul’s ability to strip Quirks from other heroes was the subject of a lot of controversy, but he is now permanently crippled and as such yields no threat to others.

None of this stopped Instagram Cosplayer Slash.Cos from feminizing this brutal bad guy. It’s definitely a hot cosplay.

cosplay sex feature

How To Score Unforgettable Cosplay Sex

The world of cosplay sex is as fantastic as it sounds. Let’s be honest, sex and fantasy often merge in both expected and unexpected ways. Look no further than BDSM as an illustrative example. So in a way, cosplay adapts a sexual nature rather quickly. Cosplay is fantasy and sex often relies on fantasy for stimulation.

So let’s dive into why cosplay sex is so fantastic.

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cowboy behop cosplay

Cowboy Behop Cosplay Wins Internet

Cowboy Behop is one of the most popular Japanese anime television series ever. It’s massive fan following results in cosplayers frequently attempting to nail the show’s main character. Since 1998, Cowboy Behop has helped usher in a grip of new anime fans worldwide.

Given it’s science fiction, western, and noir blend, a Cowboy Behop cosplay isn’t simple play. That goes for all it’s main characters, including Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Jet Black, Edward, and Ein.

Spike and Jet are the show’s founding characters, but Faye has become extremely popular.

Cosplayer ‘ohmysophii’ decided to take on Faye and we have to say, she super nailed it.

What do you think?

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sonic hedgehog cosplay feature

6 Wildly Impressive Sonic The Hedgehog Cosplays

The morning, the news of Paramount Pictures latest release of Sonic The Hedgehog is stirring up the cosplay world. Its not that Sonic The Hedgehog cosplay interests were ever super low, it’s just that this latest movie trailer is creating loads of buzz. And that buzz is seaping into the cosplay world where cosplayers are always looking for new inspiration.

Let’s be honest, this is super inspiring stuff.

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shinobu cosplay demom slayer

This Stunning Shinobu Cosplay Will Blow Your Mind

In 2019, Demon Slayer exploded on the anime scene causing lots of cosplayers to want to nail the main character, Shinobu Kocho. But it’s a tall order. Kocho’s main mission in life is to hunt down the brutal demons who killed his family.

But cosplaying Shinobu Kocho is no easy task givin the anime precision and detail.

But one girl seems to have nailed it. And now she’s Internet famous.


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popular cosplay characters

Most Popular Cosplay Characters (Complete List)

Certainly, nobody wants to be unoriginal. That’s not what this post is about. Instead, reviewing popular cosplay characters can help someone new to cosplay get their creative juices flowing. Moreover, savvy, creative cosplayers often trick out popular cosplay characters. In other words, this isn’t halloween. Once again, another difference between cosplay and costume becomes not so subtle.

cosplay dating

It’s common to go as a popular cosplay character, but do it more uniquely, with higher quality.

It isn’t uncommon to go to a cosplay convention and see 100s of the same popular cosplay characters roaming the show floor. The devil, as the saying goes, is in the details.

So use popular cosplay characters as a way to inspire a new character, or aim to achieve stunning details that are sure to impress your cosplay date.

So let’s dive in…

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golden rule cosplay

What Is The ‘Golden Rule’ in Cosplay?

If you don’t exercise boundaries in cosplay, you’ll quickly be shunned by the presiding cosplay community at large.

The golden rule in cosplay is to respect boundaries. Never touch another cosplayer without consent.

It seems like common sense, but unfortunately for many cosplayers, bad experiences have tainted an otherwise good time.

Because cosplayers like to play provocative characters, they may be dressed in sexy, skimpy looks. Sometimes, this prompts other people to think it is OK to touch them.

Also, being that cosplay role-plays characters, if a character being cosplayed is considered sexually suggestive, some people think this opens the door further.

But it doesn’t. Always keep your hands to yourself while at cosplay events (or really, anywhere for that matter).

Unfortunately, drinking too much alcohol can prompt some to break cosplay’s golden rule. If you can’t hold your booze well, don’t drink in such environments. You never want to break the golden rule in cosplay.

cosplay vs costume

What Is The Difference Between Cosplay and Costume?

It’s one of the top cosplay questions. As soon as someone gets into cosplay, or has a friend get into it, they ask, what is the difference between cosplay and costume?

It’s not a dumb question by any stretch. Being that cosplay makes use of costumes and dress-up, it can be initially difficult to distinguish between costume and cosplay.

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Dating a Cosplay Girl: What I Learned

It was 2013, I had just been dumped by my now ex-girlfriend. Before the final tinge of frustration and heartbreak left my downtrodden heart, her Facebook profile picture updated to her and a brash, richer guy.

It was the final knife to the soul.

I know this sounds like that of a bad Lifetime movie; and one that no one wants to watch. However, rest assured, this actually becomes a cosplay fairytale of sorts.

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