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Dating a Cosplay Girl: What I Learned

It was 2013, I had just been dumped by my now ex-girlfriend. Before the final tinge of frustration and heartbreak left my downtrodden heart, her Facebook profile picture updated to her and a brash, richer guy.

It was the final knife to the soul.

I know this sounds like that of a bad Lifetime movie; and one that no one wants to watch. However, rest assured, this actually becomes a cosplay fairytale of sorts.

I’d always been infatuated with Cosplay, though I’d never considered cosplay dating. That felt, well, weird, even when I did rarely think of it. My cosplay infatuation began, as how most of these niche lifestyles begin, through the wonders of movies.

Early on, while dating Becca (I’m gonna call her that), it was clear our taste in movies weren’t aligned. She enjoyed the Hallmark channel a little more than I could bear, and I had a love for nearly ever Marvel Comics movie out there. I also ingested my fair share of classic comics, though I mostly hid that from her.

Otherwise, Becca and I were great together.

We had laughs over drinks weekly at our shared favorite mexican cantina.

Our families got along.

We were both uninterested in religion.

We shared political views.

We liked wine.

We hit most of the marks that a thriving couple heading for an engagement hit.

Until we didn’t.

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Around the holidays of 2013, just before Thanksgiving, things got weird. She began to seem less interested in me. Our Friday standing dates became last minute decisions on her part. I felt strongly things were going south, but whenever I brought it up, she got defensive and accused me of paranoia.

What I didn’t realize during this relationship demise was that Becca was largely doing me a favor. It was a favor that I was fighting. Things came to a head when she didn’t want to make plans for NYE. In order to avoid more inquisitions from me, she broke it off.

I spent the evening that wrapped up 2013 by myself, depressed, and launguishing in heartbreak.

But I also changed my life unwittingly.

Out of curiosity, fueled by desperation, I Googled “cosplay dating.” I ended up here, on Free Cosplay Dating.

At first, it seemed ridiculous. Almost trite. But after reading a few cosplay dating blogs, I got lured in.

Cosplay Dating: The Beginning

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To take my mind off of Becca, I joined up and began communicating with other cosplay singles. I read the cosplay dating guide and realized I was a bit off the mark in my approach.

It began to become obvious that I belonged in not only the cosplay dating scene, but also in the cosplay community.

Why hadn’t I been here already?

Well, that’s what a stagnate, traditional relationship will do to you. I believed that Becca and I were the perfect match, not for us, but for my friends and family.

As months went on, I began to meet others who were interested in cosplay. After a few coffee dates, I made some friends and I began to attend cosplay events.

My friend and dating circle began to thrive and expand.

Because I never understood the cosplay dating world, I realized I had unheathily latched on to a mainstream dating relationship for months too long. I’d wasted time with Becca.

Becca realized this before me. She did me a favor. She probably sensed what was not obvious to me.

Cosplay Community Saved Me

I’m not suggesting that cosplay dating is for everyone. Not at all. If you aren’t already into comics and superhero movies, forget it. You’ll hate it. But for those of you who are into those things and feel out of place in your current relationship, or are single and can’t figure out why you don’t “click” with any singles, it might be time to join a cosplay dating community.

Through the cosplay community, not only did a meet cool new people that shared my love for anime costumes, but I also began attending parties, gatherings, events, etc.

My social media is ripe with cool events. I always have something to do or someone to talk to.

I’m now proficient at knitting. So much so, my family asks for my “knitting services” from time to time.

And yes, I’m now dating the most fantastic girl ever. She’s a spitting image of Harley Quinn (when she’s cosplaying, of course). And my family loves her to boot!

What I Learned

In the end, I learned that often in dating, things happen for a reason. We all take break ups hard. Rejection stinks. But your Becca, maybe she’s doing you a favor.

I now understand that I belonged somewhere else. Somewhere more unique and fitting to my likes and dislikes. Today, my life is 100 times better. And most likely, so is Becca’s. All thanks to Cosplay Dating.