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Cosplay Dating Tips (Start Here)

So you just got back from your first Cosplay convention. At first, you didn’t think you’d like it. You felt “awkward.” But after only a few minutes on the event floor, you suddenly experienced a rush of excitement. You felt a sense of community. You wanted to belong.

Don’t feel bad, it happens all the time. To the optics, cosplay communities seem odd. But once you experience the excitement and fun of it all, you naturally become curious about cosplay dating. Hence, why you ended up on Free Cosplay Dating’s blog.

So let’s make sense of it all. Because the one thing you don’t want to do is screw up your chances. Unlike more traditional dating worlds, the cosplay dating ecosystem is ripe with authenticity. Yes, that might seem ironic and it probably is, but cosplay singles can snuff out fakes and frauds.

If you’re looking just to get laid, it’s gonna be tough goings. But if you are genuinely interested in cosplay singles action, you just need to understand a few things before you begin.

Don’t Roll Creepy Style

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You probably aren’t surprised to learn that every cosplay convention or community gathering has one or two pervs roaming for easy sex. They think that because people “dress weird” they are down for random sexual experiences.

But when it comes to the Cosplay singles community, nothing could be more wrong. If you get branded a perv because you tossed out some explicit, creepy pickup lines, word will get out. Your picture may be posted online for those at the cosplay event to see.

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Your downfall will be swift and furious.

Don’t get so caught up in the cosplay that you forget your manners. Be you. Be polite. Get to know cosplay singles in the same way you would other singles. Girls want to be comfortable no matter what costume they are wearing. If you come off weird and unsavory, you’ll be dismissed in fast order.

Your Cosplay Outfit Should Be Dope

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Again, you don’t want to be called out as a fake or a fraud. So while your cosplay costume doesn’t need to win any convention awards, it should at least appear to be made with care.

In other words, your cosplay outfit should appear to have had some thought put into it. The best way to do that is to sew your own. And yes, this means learning to sew for most of you.

If that’s not possible, then make sure you splurge a little on the outfit you buy.

The point is, a crappy cosplay outfit will make it appear you just want to fit in. Your outfit should convey the message that you LOVE COSPLAY!

Feel my vibe?

Know Your Cosplay Single’s Fandom

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Just like traditional dating, when you have your eye on a cosplay single, you need to understand what she likes. You figure this out by asking questions and putting your listening cap on.

When you use our Free Cosplay Dating app, don’t just talk about you. Ask him or her about themselves.

You want to understand what type of cosplay your potential date is into. What’s their cup of fandom?

With this information, you can make a connection.

Invite Her To Meet At a Cosplay Convention

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There’s a common misconception that cosplay singles don’t like to do traditional things. If you meet a girl on Free Cosplay Dating, yes, it’s perfectly fine to ask her to dinner. In fact, dinner or coffee is a great way to get to know her.

But if you really want to score, you’ll need to find a local Cosplay convention and invite her. Yes, she will probably already be planning to attend. In that case, make it clear you want to meet up.

Buy Her a Thrifty Gift At The Cosplay Convention

Girls love flowers. Well, most girls.

When you finally end up meeting the cosplay girl of your dreams at a convention, make sure you buy her some sort of inexpensive gift from her favorite cosplay booth.

There are lots of cheap trinkets available all over conventions, so you won’t be breaking your bank. But you will be scoring mad points with your cosplay single. Not only will you get points for being thoughtful, but it will be clear that you’ve been listening to what she likes!


Cosplay Dating is bigger than ever. With more and more cites taking on cosplay events, the cosplay singles community is expanding. But dating in the cosplay community means being legit. If you don’t like cosplay and just want to score, you are wasting your time. You’ll get snuffed out super quick. But if you do enjoy cosplay, you’ll probably find the active cosplay dating scene to be pretty darn awesome.