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What Is The ‘Golden Rule’ in Cosplay?

If you don’t exercise boundaries in cosplay, you’ll quickly be shunned by the presiding cosplay community at large.

The golden rule in cosplay is to respect boundaries. Never touch another cosplayer without consent.

It seems like common sense, but unfortunately for many cosplayers, bad experiences have tainted an otherwise good time.

Because cosplayers like to play provocative characters, they may be dressed in sexy, skimpy looks. Sometimes, this prompts other people to think it is OK to touch them.

Also, being that cosplay role-plays characters, if a character being cosplayed is considered sexually suggestive, some people think this opens the door further.

But it doesn’t. Always keep your hands to yourself while at cosplay events (or really, anywhere for that matter).

Unfortunately, drinking too much alcohol can prompt some to break cosplay’s golden rule. If you can’t hold your booze well, don’t drink in such environments. You never want to break the golden rule in cosplay.

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What Is The Difference Between Cosplay and Costume?

It’s one of the top cosplay questions. As soon as someone gets into cosplay, or has a friend get into it, they ask, what is the difference between cosplay and costume?

It’s not a dumb question by any stretch. Being that cosplay makes use of costumes and dress-up, it can be initially difficult to distinguish between costume and cosplay.

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