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This Girl Nails a Sexy Camie Utsushima Cosplay

This Camie Utsushima cosplay will knock your socks off.

When it comes to anime, My Hero Academia rules the roost. It’s one of the most-watched anime series in the world. The series follows the life and times of Izuku Midoriya, a younger guy who recently is blessed with superpowers.

In order to utilize his powers for the better good, Midoriya attends U.A. High School, which aims to teach him how to wrangle his powers so he can use them to defend the people of his city from the infamous League of Villains. During his time at the school, Midoriya meets the adorable Camie Utsushima. Camie is a new character to the show, only beginning in season 3, but her impact has been large and widespread throughout the anime fan community.

Camie has a legion of cosplayers who seek to replicate her every breath. She’s now one of the most popular cosplay characters. Cosplaying Camie has been no easy task. But it seems one cosplayer has risen to the challenge and achieved a pretty great rendition. Cosplayer ‘mangoecs’ pretty much nailed her.

Camie is a glamorous character that’s able to puff a smokey substance from her mouth that can create visual illusions. To say the least, mangoecs cosplay is uber-sexy and incredibly on-point.

It doesn’t get a whole lot more sexy and stunning than that, now does it?

It’s not difficult to see why cosplaying Camie Utsushima is a tall order. The neck cuff complimented by the addition of smoking hot cleavage mixes both character accuracy and cosplayer liberties in perfect harmony. In other words, this Camie Utsushima cosplay is both hot and accurate.

My Hero Academia will remain atop the anime charts for some time to come. Izuku Midoriya journey from mild incometence to superhero is addicting TV. The fourth installment of the series concluded at the end of April. There is no word on when season 5 of My Hero Academia will kick off. But one thing is for sure, it will be popular and cosplayers will continue to take on the challenge of cosplaying a slew of its fun and inspiring characters.