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Ash’s Sexy God of War: Ragnarok Cosplay Wins The Internet

Santa Monica Studios continues to guard its most coveted secret: when will the unnamed God of War: Ragnarok sequel come out? Its a question many fans are dying to know, but one they’ll presumably need to wait on. But so far, it seems that the title could be released in early next year.

That’s a long time, no doubt.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun in the mean time. A new God of War: Ragnarok cosplay has the internet buzzing. A Cosplayer by the name of Ash has taken on a Kratos cosplay and it’s bombtastic.

Making use of Kratos’ red face paint which symbolizes the honor of his captive brother, Deimos, Ash nails this God of War: Ragnarok cosplay at all levels.

This is wholly inspiring.

god of war ragnarok cosplay

Details such as the leather chess strip and her embroidered cosplay hatchet take this cosplay home. Its a seductive cosplay look that pops from the screen. Its truly why we appreciate the world of cosplay as much as we do.

Ash is no stranger to cosplay as you can discern from her lively Instagram account. Though you won’t find this particularly cosplay there.

But here’s some Emilia Clarke GOT action that sizzles.


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The original God of War is currently available on PS4 in the event you aren’t familiar with the work. You can also order hard-copies online. Its a fun play and you’ll likely figure out why the mob enthusiastically awaits the new release.