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6 Wildly Impressive Sonic The Hedgehog Cosplays

The morning, the news of Paramount Pictures latest release of Sonic The Hedgehog is stirring up the cosplay world. Its not that Sonic The Hedgehog cosplay interests were ever super low, it’s just that this latest movie trailer is creating loads of buzz. And that buzz is seaping into the cosplay world where cosplayers are always looking for new inspiration.

Let’s be honest, this is super inspiring stuff.

Brilliant 4K graphics featuring stunning details most certainly get the cosplay juices going.

But characters such as Sonic aren’t always beloved as cosplay characters. That’s because most times, someone is just slapping on a costume that they ordered off Amazon, or bought at a crumby halloween store.

All of that flies in the face of cosplay life.

You don’t have to just toss on some junky uniform to impress with a Sonic cosplay. Nope. As the below cosplayers prove, you can humanize the experience and really impress your cosplay peers.

Here our top Sonic The Hedgehog cosplays for your perusal. None of them use a big costume.

Top Sonic The Hedgehog Cosplays

Strike a pose?

Believe it or not, Blaze the Cat is a rough cosplay for a variety of reasons. But Megan really takes a deep dive and in my opinion, she comes out with a strong Sonic The Hedgehog cosplay. Lots of costume detail attention that warrants our respect in the community.

Tuna Phish is a Pittsburgh cosplayer who absolutely stuns us with this futuristic take on Sonic. This is no easy task and required a great deal of sewing expertise typically reserved for the more experienced cosplayers, such as her.

The images impress and bewilder all at the same time. She really nails this.

Stop the presses, King Maii completely wins with this Shadow The Hedgehog cosplay. Shadow is Sonic’s main antagonist in the game/movie and King Maii does a great job using her eyes to subtly taunt.

But those eyes?

It’s all in the eyes, friends. That’s where the heart of selling a cosplay resides. And Spotsontiki sells Knuckles the Echidna. Ironically, she originally created the wig for another cosplay entirely. But her creative juices led her to this astonishing, awesome Knuckles the Echidna.

The eyebrows really are the center of this cosplay success.

Sonic’s best friend, Tails, is perfectly portrayed by Dana. Her innocent, sort of wandering BFF appeal provides us with a sentimental Sonic character that places us at ease. Dana’s hair must have taken hours to accomplish. The details of this cosplay are powerful.

We said no big costumes would make our list.

But, we lied (a little, at least).

Because this Sonic The Hedgehog cosplay is simply awesome. In both cases, the cosplayer impresses us with his attention to details, starting with those Avengers belt loops.

Sonic The Hedgehog cosplay is about to receive a revival of sorts now that a major motion picture is in theaters. This means if you want to cosplay Sonic The Hedgehog, you’ll need to bring your A-Game.

Hopefully some of the inspiration above can help you.